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4 months ago

An update for Typed Entities and an opportunity to WIN EARLY.

Hello Hackathoners!,

After some user feedback, we found that we needed more clarification on our packages. First up is Typed Entities. We will be renaming Typed Entities to Semantic Types!

We've put together a brief overview of Semantic Types (Typed Entities) in our GitHub Discussions!
Included here are a number of relevant Expectations already contributed to Great Expectations; these are a great jumping-off point for ideas on further Expectations in this space. We also encourage discussion in that space. If you need guidance, have questions related to Semantic Types, want to share what you have in progress, or just want to bounce ideas around, feel free to reach out and participate in our Discussions or our Slack in #events-expectations-hackathon!

Now an opportunity to get a quick win! We will give out our first "Unexpected Greatness" award to the person or team that submits the first successful NEW Expectation to any of the packages. This will be judged on what time you submit your pr and if the Expectation passes our review process (as long as it works any superficial requests from review won't count against you. I.E. Typos). Any commit that happens after the PR will update your time.

This challenge expires on TUESDAY 12:01 AM US EASTERN TIME. 

Feel free to reach out to our Slack channel if you have questions. 

Good Luck!!!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum or our Slack in #events-expectations-hackathon.